17 Ways to Present Data

As a data analyst and consultant, I’ve presented my analysis and recommendations to varieties of clients. It is difficult to get the opportunity to present to clients, it’s even more difficult to tell an impactful, focused and engaging stories through your presentation. Here are some rules I’ve learned from my experience which help me become a better presenter and consultant.

  1. Do not, I repeat, do not puke data on your slides
  2. Only one data set per slide
  3. Do not repeat information
  4. Use visual treatment whenever possible
  5. Never use a graph when a table will suffice
  6. Make sure to focus on client business
  7. Do not include too many caveats, it is not a legal document
  8. Do not read what’s on your slide; tell a story that will accentuate the data set on the slide
  9. Skip blatantly obvious facts
  10. Have one focus point per slide, emphasize it and tell story about it
  11. Prioritize your recommendations; break down into small actionable steps
  12. Provide “connective tissue” between your slides; avoid harsh transitions between slides
  13. Use large, relevant and well cropped screenshots for examples
  14. Simplify the slides and sweat the metaphors.
  15. Never use irrelevant examples
  16. Only include slides, data points and examples that you are confident about.
  17. Before you spend time working on your slides, learn about the client business, learn about their competitors and learn about their ecosystem.

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